How to create a collection for just Laptops | Desktops | Servers etc.

You can either find the information either in the WMI or SQL. Usually the only difference between the two class names are the prefix. “SMS_” for WMI and “v_” for SQL.

First we look up all the devices from discovery. Discovery views starts with “v_R_”. So our view name is “v_R_System”. Information about the Configuration Manager Schema mapping can be found here:

Step 4 - Select From v_R_System

Now we look up the Inventory data from the System Enclosure class

Step 5 - Select From v_GS_System_Enclosure

The same information can be found in WMI by querying  Win32_SystemEnclosure to find the type we are on:

Step 3 - Win32_SystemEnclosureIn SQL we can now join the two tables to find all devices with inventory data and select the ResouceID, medical Name and ChassisTypes data.

Step 6 - SQL JoinAll the different ChassisTypes numbers and what type of device that is can be found on MSDN Win32_SystemEnclosure class –

The query in Configuration Manager would then look something like this:

Step 1 - All Device TypesStep 2 - Query

Code for easy copy|paste:

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID, salve SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType, sovaldi SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,


from SMS_R_System

inner join SMS_G_System_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE

on SMS_G_System_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId

where SMS_G_System_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE.ChassisTypes in ( “8”, “9”, “10”, “14” )


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