In the System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager version there is a new potentially very useful function –> Resultant Client Settings.

That will give you an overview of the effective client settings. When would this be useful? When you have several custom client settings deployed to different collections.

Then it may be difficult to know which settings will actually apply to that exact client.

Here is an example of a custom client settings and what it would look like in the ‘Resultant Client Settings’.

First let’s take a look at the default client settings and the remote tools section. As you can see the default settings is ‘disabled’.

Client Settings Summary 01

Start by creating a new custom client setting policy, where you choose ‘Remote Tools’ and enable it.

Client Settings Summary 02

Client Settings Summary 03Client Settings Summary 04

Deploy the new custom client settings policy to a collection of devices. Go to the collection and select a client (doesn’t matter which one) and either click ‘Client Settings’ and ‘Resultant Client Settings’ from the ribbon or right click the client and hit the same choices.

Client Settings Summary 05

Now you’ll get an overview of the client settings that will apply to this client. This is a read only view, hence the grey window

Client Settings Summary 06



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