If you want to delete an application that has a reference to another application you need to delete that reference first. What if you have done that and there are no references showing in the application and you still can’t delete it due to an old reference?

Here is how you do it.

I have an old application I want to delete.

When I try to delete it I get this message


Go to the references tab and see which application it has a relationship with.

Notice the second column that shows you the revision of the application that has the reference to this application you want to delete.


If we take a look at the application referenced here, pilule it’s references tab is empty.

You need to go and look at the ‘Revision History’ of the referenced application.


Then you can delete the revision version mention in the earlier step.

Notice it says it doesn’t have any references, even though it has 🙂


Go back to the application you wanted to delete and try again.

Now you’ll get this pop up – if you have deleted all the references that is!

Choose yes…

Voilà the old one is gone! 🙂



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